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Want to advertise on this website? BGA gets over 4 million monthly ad impressions, which is continuously increasing! The main rules for ads on this site are that they aren't obtrusive (i.e. flashing or making sounds) or advertise unethical services like spyware or fraud sites. Some example locations are found below:

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The best way to get a custom quote is to contact us, but we have a number of standard pricing schemes found in the table below. The term 'CPM' means cost per thousand impressions. The fixed prices are usually cheaper than the CPM ones.

Given the growth, we can only guarantee 10 days per program run at the same price, after which both sides are free to evaluate the run and decide on continuation. Payment can be done both through Paypal and direct bank transfer.

Advertisement Location Allowed Formats fixed price CPM price
 1. Gallery side link Text link or small button $30 per day $0.70
 2. Gallery bottom banner Banner or multi-line text links $50 per day $1.00
 3. Category Index side link Text link or small button $12 per day $2.00
 4. Main Page center link Text line $45 per day $2.80
 5. Gallery popup screens Text line or small button $20 per day $0.50

We will try our best to accommodate your advertising needs and formats. Other options are possible, depending on your wishes. Please email us at advertise@backgroundsarchive.com with your contact information, website and desired format.

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